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  1. invoice for gold jewelry

    when purchasing gold jewelry in a gold shop, you should ask for a formal tax invoice, which indicates the name, quality and weight of the jewelry. As the price of general gold jewelry is one price per day, and the daily quotation of each brand may vary from 10 to 30 yuan, investors can compare three different brands before making a decision

    if it is purely for wearing, there are many kinds of gold jewelry on the market. And "pure gold" is usually divided into full gold and thousands of full gold. The former is 99% and the latter is as high as 99.9%

    from the perspective of purchasing channels of investment gold bars, the market now includes exchanges, physical gold represented by banks, private brands of gold merchants and private brands of banks

    the general specifications of gold bars are 50g, 100g, 200g and 500g, even in kilograms. Bank financial management experts said that since investment gold bars fluctuate with the spot price, it is difficult to enjoy the premium and appreciation space of commemorative gold bars if you buy physical gold bars for the purpose of investment


    invoice refers to the business vouchers issued and received by all units and individuals in the purchase and sale of goods, the provision or acceptance of services and other business activities. It is the original basis for accounting, and also an important basis for law enforcement and inspection by audit institutions and tax authorities. The receipt is the receipt / payment voucher. The invoice can only prove that the business has occurred, but cannot prove whether the payment has been received or not

    invoice refers to the text issued by the seller to the buyer in economic activities, including the name, quality and agreed price of the products or services provided to the buyer. In addition to the advance payment, the invoice must have the elements that the buyer pays the seller according to the agreed conditions, and must include the date and quantity. It is an important voucher for accounting

    according to the Chinese accounting system, effective invoices for purchasing products or services are called tax invoices. The vouchers of government departments' fees and levies have different names in different periods and different items of fees and levies, but they are generally referred to as receipts of administrative charges. For internal audit and audit, each invoice must have a unique journal number to prevent invoice duplication or skipping

    in short, an invoice is the original voucher of the cost, expense or income incurred. For the company, the invoice is mainly the basis for the company to make accounts and also the expense voucher for tax payment; For employees, invoices are mainly used for reimbursement

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