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  1. Women with exquisite dress

    many people say that beauty mainly depends on temperament. Yes, the twinkling of the inner soul is the eternal beauty that is truly desirable. Only when we live younger and grow older can we have more temperament. I've sorted out some women with exquisite costumes

    women with exquisite dressing 1

    1. Women with distinctive dressing style

    delicate women have a clear positioning for their own dressing style. They refer to fashion but will not blindly follow the trend. They will not wear clothes with age reduction but will not blindly act tender. Occasionally, fashion can never be shallow and naked. Delicate women will make dress design in advance in combination with the occasion, and choose simple style in the workplace, such as shirt, Western skirt and coat, so as to be able and natural; At the dinner party, choose elegant style, Hip Wrap long skirt, intellectually charming; Choose casual style for daily shopping, T-shirt and jeans, light and casual

    2. High quality clothing

    delicate women not only pay attention to style, but also pay attention to texture, including fabric texture, overall layout and version cutting. The clothes made of rough fabrics, irregular lines and poor proportion of cuts will inevitably give people a sense of cheapness even if they are novel and fashionable. On the contrary, many brands of clothing are very simple in style design, but through fine fabric texture, neat stitching and pressing lines, and human body type cutting, you can invisibly highlight your body temperament and give you high quality

    3. Wear matching colors in harmony

    delicate women will not make themselves as fancy as a palette. They know how to combine the skin color, occasion and color of clothing. In the workplace, they will choose black and white, naked and other intellectually stable colors; In daily shopping, they will wear pink, light blue and other lively and age reducing clothes. If the color is dim, it will be decorated by matching beige and pink clothes; If the skin is dark, it will choose royal blue, rose red and other colors to make the skin bright. Delicate women are good at grasping the color of wearing and matching, achieving color coordination and creating a comfortable and bright visual sense

    4. Delicate facial makeup

    in the past, we praised the beauty of plain face, because young girls should not contact makeup products too early in their daily life to hide the natural beauty of youth. However, when stepping into the society to socialize, exquisite makeup shows a woman's ability to manage her personal mental outlook. Delicate women must pay attention to the face makeup. They will not pursue heavy makeup, but choose strange makeup and different looks. Instead, they will be appropriate and generous. With neat eyebrows, delicate eyeliner and appropriate lipstick, people will never forget and show their elegant temperament

    5. Appropriate hairstyle

    if a good-looking make-up is just icing on the cake for a woman with three-dimensional features, a suitable hairstyle is an indispensable facade for any woman. A suitable hairstyle can not only modify the face shape, but also change the temperament style. Delicate women also pay attention to proper hairstyles. They will not blindly pursue the trend of perm and dyeing and toss about. Instead, they will trim the appropriate hairstyles according to the face shape and take proper care according to the occasion. For example, in the workplace, choose ultra short hair or tie up long hair; Choose natural clavicle hair or flowing long hair in daily life

    6. Accessories are simple and generous

    in addition to paying attention to basic clothing, make-up and hair style, accessories are often overlooked. Delicate women will do a good job of matching accessories for each set of clothes. They do not pursue fancy design in style and refuse to be "full of treasure". Most of what they like are simple and generous and highlight their personality. A clever brooch, a clever hat or a pair of playful ones Earrings can inject vitality into the whole set and make the finishing point

    women with exquisite Dress 2

    first: pay attention to the texture of clothing

    when we buy clothes, we try to buy the best within our ability. It doesn't mean that you should buy luxury brands, or spend a lot of money on expensive ones, but choose clothes with good quality and good materials. Those coarse and cheap clothes not only lower the grade and temperament of your whole person, reduce the appearance value of your overall shape, but also easily damage, deformation, pilling, fading and other problems, with short service life. You can try some soft, smooth, durable and practical fabrics, and the upper body effect will be better

    of course, with good clothes, you must also be able to match them. If you don't understand the correct match, you will only wear hundreds of thousands of clothes to give you the visual impression of the goods on the ground. Therefore, you should read more fashion magazines to understand the latest trends, and learn more like female stars or trendy bloggers to improve your aesthetic and clothing

    second: the less colors, the more advanced

    color matching is really very important in clothing matching. The less colors in the overall shape matching, the less likely it is to make mistakes. A lot of colors not only look disorderly, but also make people feel uncomfortable visually, and can not leave a good impression. Therefore, when we wear clothes, it's really best not to have more than three colors. The less colors, the more advanced. This is the truth

    no matter what kind of skin color you have, and no matter what age you are, you should pay attention to the coordination of the color of the whole body when you wear and match, and try to give people comfortable and pleasing visual effects, never more. The colors are divided into dark and light colors. At this time, you should match them according to your skin color. For women who are afraid of making mistakes, they can try more color combinations to find out what is relatively suitable for them. You can also choose some classic colors that are not easy to make mistakes, which is a safe method

    third: the version that fits the body

    every woman's body is different, and the vast majority of women have various body problems. Therefore, when wearing clothes, we should choose clothes that are suitable for our body size, and the clothes that fit your body can at least make you comfortable. If you want to wear appropriately, elegantly and beautifully, you should know how to make good use of your strengths and avoid your weaknesses, hide the defects of your body, and then show our body advantages, such as appropriate short skirts or shorts to show your slim and straight long legs

    not to mention our ordinary women, many actresses also have certain body problems. Therefore, before choosing clothes, you must first understand your body shape, see if you are pear shaped, gourd shaped or apple shaped, and then make up for it. If you are pear shaped, then you must not wear low waist tights; If you are an apple shaped figure with a fat upper body, then the top should be loose and matched with a lower garment with a tight waist, so as to modify the body defects and look thin. Learn these tips to avoid the embarrassment of wearing the wrong clothes

    fourth: style with a sense of design

    when we choose clothes, we should try to choose simple and atmospheric types, not too fancy, of course, we should not be too monotonous. You can choose some styles with a sense of design, which can enhance the overall fashionable temperament from the details. The unique design sense can enhance the high-level and hierarchical sense of the shape. We should also choose clothes that suit our own style to show our unique charm

    fifth: ornaments for ornaments

    generally, delicate women will choose all kinds of exquisite jewelry to decorate their shapes. For example, why do female stars wear all kinds of exaggerated earrings or expensive jewelry is to lighten the overall collocation and enhance the fashion sense and advanced sense of the whole shape. We should not only match the clothes well, but also learn to use the decorative role of trinkets, so that small trinkets can add luster to us in detail

    women with delicate dress 3

    1. Women with fair skin are more delicate

    this is the difference between oriental aesthetics and Western aesthetics. Oriental people always think that fair skin is beauty. How white should they be? The ancients formed it with skin like coagulated fat. There is also a saying that white covers all the ugly. That is to say, it doesn't matter if the facial features are nearly the same, as long as the skin is white enough. Therefore, in the aesthetic appreciation of Chinese people, fair skin basically occupies the first place. Especially the beauty with outstanding temperament, her skin is generally very white. The western aesthetic is more open-minded, they can appreciate those flawed beauty

    2. Women with symmetrical bodies are more refined

    this has nothing to do with their faces. As long as they are strict with themselves, they can gradually improve. After all, we can control our body. If you are as thin as a bamboo pole or as fat as a panda, it is not delicate enough. First of all, it will give people a very bad impression visually. Those delicate women will strictly control their body all the time. They will not allow themselves to grow fat, nor will they allow themselves to be too thin. A symmetrical figure is more beautiful. If you are too fat, you must strictly control your diet. After all, no beauty with temperament is a fat woman

    3. Women with smooth hair are more delicate

    hair is generally the most easily overlooked part. Some women do some exaggerated hairstyles and even dye some eye-catching hair colors in order to be innovative. We should know that delicate women do not dress themselves like this. They know how to be calm and introverted, and they know how to restrain their sharp edges. Generally speaking, beautiful women with temperament will have long black straight hair, or capable short hair. Even the dyeing is a relatively mild color, such as brown and linen

    4. Women who take care of their skin seriously are more delicate

    beauty is natural, and their skin is their own. When we were young, our skin was fine and smooth, but after decades, some people's skin was still white and smooth, while some people's skin had fine lines and spots. It can be seen that serious skin care is very necessary. If you want to become a beautiful woman with exquisite temperament, you must learn to care skin carefully. In particular, it is very important to moisturize the skin, and the addition of eye cream and essence is also very necessary. After all, this is the key to delaying aging

    5. Women who are used to make-up are more delicate.

    the term "make-up" refers to drawing a simple and comfortable daily make-up, which is neither too glamorous nor sharp. Whether it's going to work or buying vegetables, you should simply clean yourself up. Wash your face, apply a thin layer of foundation make-up, draw light eyebrows, and apply light lipstick. This kind of comfortable daily makeup is very good for temperament. If you want to be a temperament beauty, you must seriously learn the little skills of makeup

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