2 thoughts on “What brand of diamond ring is the best”

  1. I Cartier, a famous brand known as "the jeweler of the emperor and the emperor of the jeweler" by King Edward VII of England, has created many brilliant and wonderful works in more than 150 years. These works are not only exquisite works created by jewelry and watches, but also of high artistic value. They are worth appreciating and pondering. They are often given a legendary color because they belong to celebrities. From the huge necklace made by the prince of India, to the tiger shaped glasses that once accompanied the Duchess of Windsor, and the sword of the French Academy full of symbols by the great scholar corcorto, Cartier tells one legend after another

    II Tiffany on September 18, 1837, Charles Lewis Tiffany borrowed US $1000 as capital to open a company named Tiffany

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