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  1. Aries [March 21 -April 20]
    The enthusiastic and positive Aries is highly expected to his own. He is more unbearable to ordinary affairs. curiosity.
    Gift list:
    The unique belt, a very special pen, a very elegant scarf, a gift to her, a special pearl needle needle, a bottle of brand -name brand name Perfume, a handicchry bag with a sense of shape and value, a unique scarf, a coat or sweater with a taste and design with a taste.
    Taurus [April 21 -May 21]
    Thetewly, Taurus, who is down -to -earth, cannot bear the occurrence of wasteful things. Pay attention to the actual nature. The gift you like to receive can be used immediately. , Will not waste it at all, the more practical, the happier.
    Gift list:
    The bottle of comprehensive vitamin, a generous pattern tie, a calf leather bag, gift to her, a set of care products (the brand she usually uses), a pair of casual shoes or cloth shoes , A generous sweater, a comfortable and cute hat.
    Gemini 〔May 22 -June 21]
    The lively and cheerful Gemini, with a strong curiosity and more ideas. Very tedious, so it is best to think about the snacks and give him a group of ‘Christmas gifts, diversity and practical mixing, he will laugh happily, and you will not be tired of playing for a few days. He sent him a Christmas card with exquisite and attached your intimate blessing, but he is the “greedy ghost” that the spirit and material love!
    Gift list:
    The set of stationery, a box of puzzle gaming group, leather clip, pen, belt and other gift box groups, leather shoes, belts, casual backpacks, gifts for her, a set of small perfume gift boxes, a set of small perfume gift boxes, a set of small perfume gift boxes, a set of small perfume gift boxes, a set of small perfume gift boxes, a set of small perfume gift boxes, a set of small perfume gift boxes, a set of small perfume gift boxes, a set of small perfume gift boxes A box of chocolate and a cosmetics gift box with a variety of flavors.
    Cancer [June 22 -July 23]
    It gentle and considerate Cancer, a sweet person who loves and loves the family, his romance of Romantik makes your love, let your love. And he likes home life and leisurely lifestyle, and gives him a home decoration product. The warm and thoughtful gift will make him miss you all the time!
    Gift list:
    This sweet cushion, a soft table lamp, a set of cotton casual clothing, a bottle of champagne, a soft and comfortable carpet, a whole piece, a full piece White cotton bathrobe, two cute plush toy groups, and a set of elegant nail polish.
    Leo [July 24th -August 23rd]
    Lorizer Leo, who is always focused on the focus, and loves him, often makes people feel a bit out of reach In fact, he is very fragile and needs the love, support and reliance of the lover. This hobby is lively. He likes the gorgeous and happy Christmas gifts to satisfy his vanity.
    gift list:
    four, five colorful and colorful cute balloons, a brand -name shirt, a enthusiastic KISS, a beautiful packaging fashion leather jacket or leather vest, golden lighter or hand refining, refining, refining, A large series of colorful and lovely balloons, ninety -nine roses, naughty plush toys, a set of transformables

  2. 1. Singing table lamp: This table lamp is not only beautiful in appearance, but also can be entered into the song. Whether it is downloaded online or singing by yourself, you can pass it into the lamp and accompany his girlfriend every day.

    2, love custom bank card: several colors of this bank card can be selected, and the above pattern can be customized, and even the bank card number can be selected by itself. It is a very memorable birthday gift.

    3, 3D lunar light: 3D moonlight lights are not only soft in color, but it looks very feeling. Whether it is taking pictures, or just decorating the room or the night light, it is great.

    4, customized jewelry: You can design an exclusive jewelry to carry out show love to the end. Not only can you choose the name of the girl, but also the combination of the two sides, which is a good choice.

    5, Sunshine can: collect the sun under the sun during the day, and the online light is placed on the Internet in the dark.

    6, customized hand painting portrait: customize the beautiful photo of the girlfriend into a portrait, then print it, and bind it with a special photo frame. It is also beautiful in the room.

    7, a week of earrings: One week of love, no rest every day. There are seven earrings in this gift box, each of which is different. It is a good day every day, and every day is different.

    8, Starry Sky projector: The night light can truly reproduce the galaxy distribution, and tolerate the complete galaxy in it. Put the lamp in the room and open it in the dark at night. It is really a girl’s heart.

  3. Sometimes the candidate gift is a headache. I have collected some cheap and creative gifts for you to choose from.

    1. Explosive box
    mart DIY album, you can write some blessings or private words you want to say, you can also put a lot of photos. When you open the box, give people a very amazing one. Feel.
    2, Haibei warm hands
    This is very creative, hand warming treasure charging treasure double -sided mirror, three -in -one design, easy to carry, literary and practical. In winter, it can be used as a warm -handed treasure, and it can be used as a charging treasure. It is used for charging when it is out of power.
    3, solid wood vine ball lamp
    The artistic vine ball lamp. It is best to decorate the bedroom or dormitory. It is pleasing to look at it. The ornamental effect is five stars.
    4, the hand flipped
    has very loving illustrations in it. You can apply graffiti inside, paint the hair, clothing, etc. Write. It is very suitable for couples, a very hearty gift.
    5, sand bottle painting
    The colorful sand is filled in the glass bottle, and there is a magical sand painting art bottle. It’s really amazing, there is a beautiful world in the small glass bottle.

    6, DIY hut
    It the significance of this gift is to do the process of making the hut with the person you want to send, especially between male and female friends or or girlfriends Between girlfriends, the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction of a house can be completed together.
    7, creative 3D stacking paper carving light
    The fusion of light and shadow, a warm and simple world, you can complete this gift with the person you want to send. There are many options: Pisces lover, the night of Paris, the big fish begonia, the dream deer, and the dream in the lake.
    8, DIY wet bottle
    will shine, more refined, and can also make it by yourself. It is very fulfilling, very loving, and there are various styles to choose from. It is particularly beautiful at night, and the real effect after getting hands is very dreamy.
    9, wooden painting custom photos
    This is suitable for men and women, family members, friends or lover, buying itself is also very good. Send what you want to leave to the customer service to receive a surprising gift. The biggest advantage of this gift is that it can retain a longer time and engrave love on gifts.

    10, exquisite dice

    The red bean acacia, the most suitable gift for lovers. Wearing exquisite dice together can be a testimony of beautiful love. It is interesting to do whatever you love you when you love you.
    11, cute garlic rabbit decoration
    cute, round and cute, vivid image, little girls like gifts.
    12, Japanese -style wind chime small hanging ornament
    is not very creative, but very cute, cute and cute.
    13, wood DIY handmade album
    is very similar to the explosive box. It is made manually by yourself.
    14, the moonlight
    creating a star and taking the moon home. There are white light, yellow light and mixed light. But holding in your hand, putting it, or hanging.
    15, glowing jellyfish
    has a variety of colors to choose from, crystal clear appearance, giving people a mysterious color, more dreamy at night.

  4. 1 Creative photo Crystal Music Box
    The livelihood photo can be printed exclusively inside this crystal music box. It is very memorable as a birthday gift, which is suitable for giving girls or girlfriends.
    NO2 Creative Sunshine Tibet
    This seemingly ordinary small bottle is actually a very magical sunshine tank. You can use the sunlight during the day, and then emit warm light at night. One.
    NO3 The music table lamp that can sing
    The music table lights that can sing, do you have never seen it? Intersection This small table lamp can be connected to the phone and MP3 played music. The personality design that can be engraved can make it the most unique and practical little gift.
    NO4 The pillow that can be customized by customized photos
    It can customize the live -action photo is the most special place for this creative pillow. Whether it is a friend or a lover’s birthday, printing the real -life photo will be a particularly surprising romantic romance. small gift.
    NO5 stereo name necklace
    This is a birthday gift suitable for girls. You can use the other party’s name. It is unique and exclusive. It is the most intentional one of the top ten birthday gifts.
    NO6 Creative Crystal Site Box
    The romantic and dreamy crystal music box carved with realistic sailor, the luminous effect can make it emit a bright and glory at night, making people feel like being in the ocean of wave light 潋滟 潋滟 潋滟 潋滟Essence
    no7 Write the fluorescent board small alarm clock
    This alarm clock comes with a fluorescent board that can be wiped at will. It is more convenient to record daily small things except for early function. Gift to gifts is also good.
    NO8 Creative DIY carving lighter
    among the top ten birthday gifts suitable for boys. Compared with ordinary lighters, it is special in it. The value is also quite large.
    NO9 Live Pottery Doll
    This is a creative ornament that can be customized with live -action photos. It is a big surprise to make a photo of friends secretly before birthday. Essence
    NO10 lettering mahogany pens
    This mahogany pen is imported pear flower wood, high -end atmosphere, and it can also customize blessings in the above, unique and practical gift.

  5. 1. Smile -faced paper towel box, there is a disadvantage that he always wants to pull paper in his mouth and pull

    2. Elvis king prince Bluetooth audio, can also listen to the radio, although green, although green The retro models are also very beautiful, but which girl can refuse the temptation of pink. It is also amazing for a moment. The upper left corner is a packaging box, and taking pictures must be taken.

    3. Brown transparent vase, take pictures and matchmaker, there is a picture above. In addition to inserting dried flowers, you can also add aromatherapy.

    4. Fresh coffee cup 丨 ¥ 15, many colors, of course, also pink, especially

    5. Without this

    6. Folding arm lights, white, white may be fresher, but my desktop is already white, still choose black, the cost is high, only 30 r, only more than 30

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