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  1. The price of the diamond ring of any brand is based on the 4C of the diamond. The 4C of the diamond can be understood as the level (quality) of diamonds. It is divided into 4 large directions: weight, color, clarity, and cutting.
    The weight is the most important factor affecting the price of a diamond
    30 points: 3000 yuan-5000 yuan
    40 points: 5000 yuan-8000 yuan
    50 points: 8000 yuan-15000 yuan r
    The color refers to whether the diamond is colorless and transparent. The higher the value of the colorless and transparent diamond. On the contrary, if the diamond is yellow, the value will be reduced.
    We can simply understand the flaws contained in diamonds. What kind of color defects and defects are contained in the diamond. The price of diamonds is the highest, and the price of diamonds in other shapes is low. The reason is that the round diamonds look good, the effect of bright and glittering is obvious, and at the same time, the loss of diamond rough is high. The specific cutting level is judged, and there are also 3 dimensions: whether the diamond is 57 or whether the surface is symmetrical, whether the polishing is complete, and whether the proportion of the overall cutting of the diamond is coordinated.
    The price factors of diamonds are only related to these 4 points mentioned above, which has nothing to do with the brand. The money that is taken out for the brand is the brand's marketing costs.
    Catia engagement diamond ring price is more than 20,000 yuan. The diamond ring below is: 60 points in the Cartier engagement diamond ring, F color, VS1 clarity, 3EX cut, the price is 80,000 yuan. From the perspective of our brand, the price of such a diamond ring is about 18,000. The extra 62,000 are spent on the brand, which is a bit unable to draw.
    It is better to choose a customized brand like me, you can buy any of your favorite diamond ring at a low price.

  2. Haha
    The price of the engagement diamond ring,
    not simply determined by weight.
    In fact, the price of the diamond ring,
    is mainly determined by the 4C standard of the diamond.
    The so -called 4C standard is the weight of diamonds,
    The color of the diamond, the clarity of diamonds, and the cutting of diamonds.
    and there are many brands in diamonds.
    will also affect the price of diamond rings more or less to a certain extent.
    . As far as I know,
    The price of a carat diamond is about more than 100,000,
    even said that
    has hundreds of thousands of millions of millions of millions Woolen cloth!

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