5 thoughts on “Where is the cheapest in Shandong clothing wholesale market?”

  1. 1. Dongying Cinda Market
    2. Located in Zibo Yixiao Commodity Market, No. 268 West West, West Western Huaguang Road, Zhangdian District, Zibo City, Shandong Province. Markets, there are more than 10 major categories such as clothing, knitting, bedding, toys, toys, ethical supplies, tourism crafts, gift jewelry, hardware, electronic watch, cosmetics, luggage shoe, daily department stores, etc. Multiple varieties of products are suitable for the lives of consumers at all levels, production needs
    3. Located at the south of Xinlinyi Bus Station, the small commodity wholesale city in Linyi, Shandong, the small commodity city is divided into text, pen, washing, paper, department store five Business area. Among them, the first floor of the hypermarket operates style, paper, and washing supplies, on the second floor to operate jewelry, department stores, and the third floor operates cultural supplies such as New Year's painting, calligraphy, painting, calendar, desk calendar, pictures, maps and other hairdressing products.
    4 small commodity wholesale market in Jinan West Market in Shandong Province

  2. The clothing wholesale market in Shandong is chaotic, and Jinan, Linyi, Zibo, and Jimo all have the wholesale market. However, Zibo and Jimo are no longer possible. Jinan's role in provincial capital cities has basically led the Shandong market, and Linyi has been turned into low -end goods.

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