Want to wear a wig but not shave your hair? Clip-on hair piece straight out!

​Numerous of the hair patches we see these days involve men shaving off parts of their hair that have lost their hair or are thinning

Glue is then applied and the piece is attached to your scalp.​

It's great to be solid.​

But it does look nasty when it comes off

So many people are torn between wearing wigs and going bald.​

You don't have to. There are pieces of hair that can be worn without shaving.​

​It's a clip-on hairpiece.​

47c369fff922f2855593476ecec359f2What is a clip-on hair clip?
Sew tiny pressure sensitive clips around the edges of the hair block

This way, you don't have to shave off all your hair when you wear a wig.​

​Simply clip these clips into your hair and your wig is ready to go

It's also strong and natural and easy to wear.​

Are clip-on hair pieces safe to wear?
A lot of people are worried that the clips will not hold firmly because they are held in their hair. Does it fall off easily?

You don't have to worry about that at all.​

This pressure sensitive clip has become extremely common in women's wigs.​

As long as you wear it the right way, the clip is still strong.​

If you are truly worried, you can also sew a few extra clips around the edge of the wig.​

How to wear clip-on hair pieces?
First, make sure your hair is at least one centimeter tall enough for the clip to hold

When wearing, you should first comb your hair to make sure that there are no tangles.​

Then open all the clips (pinch the two ends of the clip with the thumb and index finger of the left and right hand at the same time, press the two sides up and the middle down, the clip will pop off)

Find the hairline and the place to wear it. After clamping the hair, press the two sides down to clamp the hair.​

When fixing the pressure sensitive clip, it is best to start in the middle and ensure that the clip is secured before moving to the next clip.​

Once all the clips are in place, you can pull on your hair block to test if it is secure.​

If it is loose, find the loose clip and clamp it again.​

Finally, to make sure whether it is safe, comb your hair again to make your hair blend better with the wig.​

If you leave the house without making sure your hair block is safe,​

Then you might, like Ran Gaoming, have this social death scene.​

Of course, this kind of hair block is also suitable for people with modest hair volume.​

It's the perfect way to increase your hair volume.​

Wear it on top of your hair or cover it up under your hair. Many celebrities use it to add hair.​

So is there still a struggle between baldness and having hair?

Who wouldn't want a lot of volume?​

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