2 thoughts on “What style of gold bracelet is good-looking and practical”

  1. the classic round bracelet is beautiful and practical
    the inner and outer circles of this type of gold bracelet are round. The reason why it is called a classic bracelet is that the whole circle of this type of gold bracelet has no welding points, and the surface is very smooth and the feel is very good. It is loved by female friends. Of course, sometimes this style of gold bracelet will be carved with some words or patterns

    What are other styles of gold bracelets
    1. Hollow Bracelet: hollow bracelet is a large category, including pull-out round bracelet, hollow thin bracelet, hard gold bracelet, ancient French gold bracelet and 5g gold bracelet
    2. Pull out round Bracelet: it is the most common gold bracelet. There are two kinds of smooth face and car flower. It belongs to the classic style. It is suitable for people of any age regardless of age. Advantages: the ring mouth is alive, and the ring number can be adjusted by pulling, which is convenient to wear, with high safety factor and no slipping. The weight is generally less than 25g, and the inner wall is hollow and thin, which is easy to deform, so it needs to be careful in the daily wearing process
    3. Bracelet with buckle: the hollow bracelet with fixed ring number weighs less than ten grams. During the wearing process, the part of the buckle is opened and closed too much, and it is easy to deform. It needs to be checked frequently and clamped to prevent the bracelet from falling off. It must be checked during normal wearing
    4. Hard gold bracelet: hard gold bracelet is a gold bracelet processed by electroforming process. Generally, the weight is about ten grams. Some surfaces are made with special baking paint process to make the style look more beautiful and suitable for young girls. What needs to be paid attention to is the selling price
    5. Thin round Bracelet: it represents "round and full". It can be solid or hollow without opening. It is suitable for young girls. There are three kinds of common styles: frosted, smooth, and floral. The overall shape is simple and fashionable, generally around 8-15g, and few are pure solid. The thin round bracelet is more fashionable. If you choose a thinner style, it will be very stylish. The representative styles are Sansheng and Sansheng, which are worn together with three thin bracelets, and are suitable for young fashion beauties with thin hands.

  2. The beautiful and practical style of gold bracelet is: more than 40g, full gold 999, bright face, plain circle, solid, closed mouth. Classic, simple and versatile. Low labor cost and high value preservation rate
    weight: 40g ~ 100g: strong and durable, not easy to deform. Easily deformed under 30g
    gold content: select full gold 999 or full gold 999, not full gold or full gold 990, because the recovery price of full gold is slightly lower
    the gold bracelet with bright face, plain ring, solid and solid mouth: wear-resistant, touch resistant, fall resistant, no dust, scratch easy to repair, no solder, no accessories, no pulling, low gold content, simple process.

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