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  1. No matter what kind of jewelry, you must care carefully and regularly clean it to preserve its gloss and completeness. Do not wear jewelry when exercising or heavy work to avoid running or wear. Do not place all kinds of jewelry in the same drawer or jewelry box, because the hardness of various gems and metals will be consumed due to each other friction. The jewelery that is often worn should be checked once a month to check whether there is wear or inlaid looseness, and then remedy it. Clason gems such as emeralds are easy to break, and they must be careful when wearing. Do not wear pores with pores in the kitchen or steam, otherwise the gemstone will change the steam and sweat. Gold maintenance pure gold jewelry is easy to chemically change with metals such as silverware, mercury, and lead, making pure gold jewelry white spots, but the white dot will disappear after being volatilized by fire. Therefore, try to avoid contact with the above metals when wearing. There are industrial exhaust gas of carbonide, or other erosive chemicals, such as phosphate, which will directly erode gold (alloy), such as phosphate, which will cause tiny black spots for pure gold jewelry. It will inevitably be eroded. In the case of this situation, the jewelry needs to be cleaned back to the jewelry shop. Diamond maintenance diamonds are the hardest natural substances in the world. If diamonds are placed together, it is easy to scrape flowers due to rubbing each other. Therefore, it should be stored independently with boxes or transparent clothing. Other gems and jade articles should also be treated in the same way. If you want to clean the diamond jewelry by yourself, you can soak the diamond jewelry in the diluted soap fluid. Soft cloth absorbs water. At the same time, don't forget to carry or stuffed the washing box in advance to wash it to prevent the diamond from falling into the canal. How to identify platinum and silver jewelry is a metal second only to gold. The exquisite color and the most ductical characteristics make it the main material for making various silverware and jewelry. The solution point of the silver is 960.5 ° C, which can be made into a silver foil of 0.0015 %, and 1 gram of sterling silver can pull the silver thread with a length of 1800 meters. Platinum is a brilliant precious metal, and its color is natural silver white. Bright luster, never fading is its characteristic. The method of identifying platinum and silver: 1. Differential printed jewelry "PT" or "Platinon" or "Plat" is platinum. At present, the platinum jewelry on the market is 75%-95%of the amount of platinum in Japan, and 90%PT90 in Europe and the United States. There are "S" or "SLVER" on the jewelry, which are silver. For example, S925 indicates that the jewelry contains 92.5%of the sterling silver, and the seal SF indicates copper silver jewelry. 2. The proportion of weight platinum is 21.40, 10.49 silver, and the weight of the same volume of silver is nearly doubled than platinum. It is generally used to distinguish the weight. 3. The more platinum with the hardness of the appearance is slightly gray and white with the naked eye. The texture is hard and the texture is scratched with a large head needle. It will become gray -white or horse black, but it can be wiped away. Its Mo's hardness is 2.7, which is much softer than platinum. 4. Fire burning platinum can resist high temperature oxidation. Its melting point is as high as 1770 degrees Celsius. After cooling and cooling with high temperature fire, the color does not change, while the silver melting point is low. Black black. 5. The chemical properties of the chemical method are extremely stable, resistant to corrosion, no response in any acid or alkali, while silver is not resistant to strong acid corrosion. Gold and silver jewelry's anti -toxic health effects can prevent the aggression of harmful substances such as mercury and sulfur. There are many opportunities for people to contact mercury in modern social life. Broken thermometer, warm water bottle, inferior equipment, industrial three wastes (exhaust gas, wastewater , Waste residue) more or less mercury. Wearing gold and silver accessories can eliminate or reduce the toxic effect of mercury and play a protective role. When people find that their gold jewelry has turned white, this is not golden golden. In fact, this is caused by the golden jewelry exposed to mercury, and a layer of white "golden mercury" occurred. This aspect reduces the contact of people with mercury, and also reminds people that there are mercury in your living environment. The basic common sense and maintenance method of silver jewelry I. The basic nature of silver is a bright white and shiny precious metal. The chemical properties are more stable, but it will turn black in the air. Second, the simple cleaning and polishing of the family are different due to the body's secretion of sweat. Some people wear silver jewelry to make it easy to get black. Now introduce a simple cleaning and polishing method. 1. Neutral soapy water cleaning. Use a neutral soap to be equipped with a 40 -degree to 50 degrees soap, soak the silver in it for 10 minutes, and wash it with a soft brush and rinse the water. 2. Follow toothpaste. Apply the toothpaste on the silver decoration, wipe it back and forth with the felt, rinse the water, and finally dry it with a velvet.

  2. Silver jewelery usually has sweat with oxidation reactions. The chemical properties of silver are not as stable as platinum and gold. It is normal for the black silver ornaments of the silver decoration to be oxidized and turning in the air. You can pay attention to the following matters when wearing the silver jewelry for a long time: · It is best not worn to take a bath and sleep. Because the 925 silver has a high silver content, it is relatively softer. Please do not pull it hard when you hook your hair or clothes or other items. · Do not wear other precious metal jewelry at the same time when wearing silver jewelry, so as not to collide deformation or abrasion. Avoid silver jewelry to contact water vapor and chemical products, avoid swimming, especially when you wear silver ornaments every day. Save preservation of jewelry boxes or bags. If you do n’t wear it for a long time, please keep it in a seal and avoid contact with the air. If oxidation is black, please do n’t worry, you can wipe it with a silver cloth; ; You can also clean it by rubbing soap or cleaner in a hand to clean it. Wipe it with silver washing water. After washing the silver jewelry, dry it with cotton cloth. In addition, there is a tip of the silver jewelry. The silver jewelry returned is more brighter and avoiding it from turning black. You can apply a thin layer of transparent nail polish on the surface. After that, apply it again every ten days to remove nail polish. You can wash it with water with water water and clean it with water. Maintenance, your silver jewelry will definitely restore the original shiny

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