5 thoughts on “Let's say, what brand of wedding rings to buy?”

  1. 时候 When I was married at the time, I bought a Darry Ring proposal diamond ring series, because men could only customize one in their lives, and promised to use only one person in my life, which can be enough to express love to the other party. What I think is that my husband can only order A ring was given to me, it feels very meaningful and happy. N

  2. Chaumet, this is my favorite jewelry brand. The founder is Napoleon's royal jewelry designer. He designed the crown of the royal family. Its wedding ring can be regarded as top -level. Like many luxury goods, Shangmei also taboo talked about the price, so all the products of his official website have no price. You can go to the field to inspect. There are also expensive and scary. There are counters in many places. Real luxury goods do not talk about the price. Therefore, buying Shangmei can enjoy the treatment of luxury customers, tailor -made, and kill various street models.

  3. My recommendation of Daibels de Beers wedding diamond ring, I feel that the slogan is good, the diamond is long and long, and an eternal passage, and this series of diamond rings inherit the 125 -year -old diamond professional experience, which is relatively good for workmanship. The meaning is her. Use a symbol of eternal diamonds to praise the bright moment. It seems that it is more memorable and it is recommended to choose.

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