Can the gold necklace and platinum diamond ring be brought at the same time? What should I pay attention to?


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  1. Yes, but pay attention to wear. Platinum diamond ring maintenance skills
    Qiaomen 1: Do not place platinum diamond ring in an over -cooling and heat -up environment. Thermal expansion and contraction are the generality of material, and platinum is no exception. In the harsh environment of too cold and heat, it will have serious consequences of the firmness of diamonds. The most unfortunate thing is that the precepts are still there, but the diamond does not know where to go.
    Qiaomen 2: The cleaning should be gentle, remember to use chemicals. For platinum diamond rings with low platinum content, if you often contact acid and various cosmetics, it is easy to change color and even affect the aesthetics.
    Qiaomen 3: Don't let platinum diamond ring collide with hard objects and friction. Although the diamonds are high, the higher the hardness of the hardness, the more fragile it is, and the collision is likely to be easy to break. The collision or friction of the platinum tray is easy to deform and scrape.

  2. Jewelry plays a role of dressing, which is what we usually call the finishing touch. The most popular match today is "one white and one yellow".也就是你所说的黄金搭配铂金,鉴于多年佩戴首饰的经验,我不妨将平常的注意事项,与你说一下:rn1佩戴首饰最忌讳的便是“多,杂,大”,就是The most taboo rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces are available, and the selected accessories. Whether it is the thickness of the necklace, the size of the ring, and the thickness of the bracelets, they are the one with a large shape. It feels very tacky
    2 is better to wear jewelry 1-2, so don't be greedy.
    3 If your necklace is thick, the platinum ring is a small kind of diamond inlaid. It can be said to be perfect in combination, or your necklace is thin. If the ring is large, it is also large. But if both are so big, be careful with them.

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